Jeremy Howlett

Husband, Father, Son, Christian, Mormon, Entrepreneur, Marketer, Traveler, Adventurer, Outdoorsman, Altra Co-Founder, Ultrarunner

My life has been a blessing. I have an amazing wife that has continued to support me throughout all of my crazy ideas and adventures. Often, she would rather be by my side. I enjoy supporting her through her own set of adventures as she competes asĀ an elite trail runner in distances from 26.2 to 100 miles. We love taking our children to new places, especially the places of beauty and history in this great country of ours. Together, as a family, we love worshipping our Savior, Jesus Christ. We have been blessed by His love.

My children love to let everyone know that their dad helped to start Altra Running. It was a great opportunity to be a part of a new brand that we concepted, branded, sold, and grew to a global brand. It has been a joy to be a part of this journey. It has shaped much of who I am today and what you will read throughout my blog. Please feel free to dive into what I love, whether it is the places that I go, my thoughts on business, my ideals on religion and our eternal natures, or any other random things that I share here. I enjoy teaching and sharing my thoughts so I hope that you find benefit in what I share.

In my spare time I continue to enjoy spending time running, fly-fishing, rock climbing, skiing, hiking, backpacking, and virtually anything outside. As a native to the Wasatch Front I have found a great passion in exploring the nearby mountain ranges and blue ribbon trout streams. I look forward to many more epic adventures.

I look forward to connecting with you. All opinions here are my own unless otherwise cited.

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